Scottish dialect: "O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!"

English: Oh would some Power the gift give us, To see ourselves as others see us.

Robert Burns, (1759 – 1796) Poem "To a Louse" - verse 8

We will never see ourselves as others see us; however, PERCEPTIONOLOGY allows
us to HEAR how others perceive us. Would you like to HEAR how people perceive your
friendliness, sincerity, energy and motivation? You need to. Would you like to HEAR
how people perceive your product, your company or your employees? You need to.

Ironically, most people are not willing to tell us their honest perception of us especially if
it’s negative. Think about it, when was the last time you told someone about a certain
characteristic that someone possessed that made you perceive them negatively? For
example, he may have a weak handshake or perhaps he doesn’t look you in the eye
when shaking your hand. Perhaps she doesn’t look you in the eye while speaking to you
or she never stops talking. Any one of the aforementioned characteristics could possibly
influence a potential friend or client to perceive us in a negative way. They observe our
mannerisms, form their opinions and neglect to mention their perception to the people it
would benefit the most… us. Conversely, they have no problem telling the rest of the world
their negative perception of us.

Case in point, people won’t tell us, “Are you ever going to stop talking and listen to me?”
However, they will allow us to drone on until frustration sets in and they realize they would
rather be hit by a bus then do any business with us. Now how fast do you think their honest
perception of us is going to spread? That’s right, like wildfire and instead of having
conversations with others we now become the topic of conversation. The fact is, being
denied the truth of how others truly perceive us condemns us to remain unchanged, forever
repeating the same critical mistakes that cost us money, business opportunities and friends.

Since everyone we come in contact with perceives us on a multitude of levels it is imperative
to HEAR how we are being perceived on those levels. How we stand, walk, talk, shake hands,
say hello and say goodbye are all being evaluated as is our energy, our sincerity, our eye
contact, our listening skills and our manners. People inherently evaluate our appearance,
our posture, our language, our smile, etc. They may never actually speak to us and yet they
perceive us as being confident, friendly, interesting, honest, or perhaps insecure, hostile,
boring or dishonest. How valuable would it be to know how people truly perceive you, your
company or your employees?

Well now you can. Donald Wayne McLeod presents sessions ranging from one-on-one to
full day seminars for your entire organization. Hear how people remember who gave them
their best hello to how important it is to bring Energy with you on a daily basis. Learn how
eye contact makes a world of difference and how two (2) seconds will change the way
others perceive and interact with you.

You will never see yourself as others see you; however, PERCEPTIONOLOGY affords you
the opportunity to HEAR how you, your company and your employees are being perceived
by others.




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