Dear Donald Wayne McLeod,

Guess what!!!!! You told the class go out into the room of the adult Senior program just
meet and get to know 1 or 2 people. Today that's what I did. I ended up meeting Mrs.
Smith. We ended up starting a conversation after I complemented on her nails.
She works in accounting and finance which is a job I want to go into. In the process she
said I would love to talk to you more. She also said that maybe I could shadow her at the
company she works at sometime. After that, I was on cloud nine.

Then she gave me her card. I said thank you more than once. I just felt honored that she
would even want to do something like that for me. Then later, I began to think a little about
the simple things I did today and what I have learned over the past couple months,
especially from you. Today when I walked out of Leadership Lake County, I said to
myself I hope I made Donald Wayne McLeod proud today. Thank you for helping me
to see the world of possibilities. Thank you for teaching what meeting just one person truly
means. One last thing, I have a few questions for you. What is the best way to ask someone
for a recommendation letter especially when you are asking in a written letter to them?
What in your life are you most looking forward to?

Casey      Leadership Lake County's Junior Leadership Program

Dear Mr. McLeod,

Thank you for coming to Chardon to teach your Perceptionology class. Your class was
the perfect way to jump start Tuesday mornings for all of us! Not only did you teach
common knowledge that is not so common, but it made our group of kids closer and
helped build our relationships. I have had classes with Connor and Kevin since sixth
grade but we have never been friends until we shared a common link, your class. Same
as with some of the other kids. You have taught many things that I would not have
discovered otherwise. One of the most impacting things you said during the session was
how unlikely each one of us was to be born and the numbers were always against us, but
we were picked. That is such motivation when it comes to college, jobs, and our futures.
By coming to talk at Chardon, you impacted more than just the Tuesday morning group
because what we learned is being carried out into the school, or at least we're trying.
You were missed this Tuesday morning and I sincerely wish we will meet again soon!
Thanks you so much again Donald Wayne McLeod for being apart of our lives.



My Best Hello to You, Mr. Donald Wayne McLeod!

I just wanted to say hi, catch up with you, and let you know what's going on with me at
Ursuline College. I think you will be pleased to hear how much of your teachings I've
been able to put into practice and how far it has gotten me at Ursuline.

I am currently working three work study jobs. I am a Student Ambassador which means
I work in admissions giving tours, answering phones, and taking care of the mail. I also
work all of the home soccer and volleyball games doing statistics and concession. For
two hours every Thursday morning I get paid to do my homework as a job disguised
under the title of "Pilla Building Receptionist." All I have to do is direct lost people, but
no one is ever lost so it's a pretty quiet two hours. It was at this job that I met a girl from
Willoughby South High School. She struck up a short conversation with me before one
of her classes because she noticed my LISTEN UP "Be Truly Interested" bracelet. She
had on hers from when you spoke to her class at South and we talked about your
memorable presentations.

I am a member of AIMS (Academic Inspiration for Multicultural Students), which is a
peer-mentoring program for students here. While on the AIMS retreat I got to know
Lisa Heiney who is from the city of Mentor and went to LAB in 2011. She was excited
to see my bracelet. We spent most of our time together on the retreat :)

I was recommended to be part of a high school mentoring program next semester.
Because Ursuline is now in the NCAA, we have to show that we are actively engaged
within the community, so the athletic dept. is organizing a partnership with Warrensville
High School in which WHS and UC girls will get together every month at UC and have
some kind of program day where we play games or talk about "girl stuff."

I was also recommended to be part of the Ursuline online/television commercial!
We are filming in November. I won't forget you when I become a star!

During orientation I volunteered to speak about one of the Ursuline core values in front
of the whole incoming class and as a prize I am having lunch with the president of the
school in a few weeks. I was also selected out of the entire incoming class to read from
a short script at an initiation ceremony during orientation. The Orientation Leaders said
they "saw something in me" so they asked me to represent the entire class!

I don't think I would have ever been able to become so recognized so quickly without your
conferences at LAB. I've always been one to jump at volunteering and getting involved,
but by placing more emphasis on remembering names, asking others questions about
themselves like, "What are you looking forward to," or remembering little facts about
people, such as their hometown or major, as really catapulted me to a higher level of
involvement that is making my college experience better than I ever thought it would be.

For my Intro Seminar class final I have to give an instructional speech on anything I want. I
thought using your techniques to teach people how to write a thank-you note would be cool.
Can you please send me the link or just e-mail me your main tips so that I can make them
into a speech? I was not at LAB the morning you discussed thank-you notes, so I didn't
get any notes from that presentation.

Please let me know what's new with you? Did you go to Canada with your family this
summer? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO? I hope to hear from you soon!


Dear Donald Wayne,

This past week at LAB 2012 was honestly the best week of my life. The real reason that
LAB was so memorable was because of you, Donald Wayne. This week exposed me to
the "real world". I was taught not only how to handle situations in the business world, but
also how to build relationships and really believe in personal abilities.

For the first time this week, there were people around me that truly believed in me. I owe
this all to you. You did not control other people's behavior and mannerisms, but you did
show all of us how to respect other people. You taught us how to listen and be "truly
interested". You have showed me how to believe in myself, and how to present myself.

You truly do not even understand the impact that you have created on me. Thank you
again, Donald Wayne.

My mother was upset and is still upset that she did not get a chance to meet with you.
I hope that you'd be interested in changing that, I have e-mailed my school's principal
about having you come speak with Kirtland High School. You really would open the eyes
of the students, as you have done for me.

Thank you again!


Hi Donald Wayne,

I wanted to send you an email of congratulations on your services to LAB.  What you
accomplished last week is what I aspire to accomplish by getting back involved in the
organization…not just make an impression, but make an IMPACT on the students.  
They will remember you and your lessons for a long time.

Best wishes on your continued success.


Mr. Donald Wayne McLeod is not only an astonishingly energetic motivational speaker
who is able to hold captive the attentions of a group of 50+ high school students, but he is
also an extremely friendly and genuinely helpful person. I first met him at a high school
leadership conference at Mentor High School in Northeast Ohio. I then attended two of
his networking sessions at Auburn Career Center over the summer. He has an excellent
understanding of professional behavior and is obviously passionate for helping others
perform better in professional situations. Anyone who truly listens and follows Mr.
McLeod's suggestions will find VERY SOON that they are applicable in many different
kinds of situations and can definitely help to improve the way you present yourself to
others. He has also gone above and beyond the original context in which I met him to help
me become more professional, and I know that the things he teaches will be useful in the
future, because they have already helped so much.  

Brian Vadakin
Donald Wayne McLeod
Creator and Developer of