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David Cowen   Executive Director at Lake/Geauga Educational Assistance

I remember meeting Donald Wayne for the first time and wondered how anyone could
have that kind of persona and be for real? Bottom line—he is. I’ve had several
conversations of varying length with him and always come away with something of value.
I’ve seen Donald Wayne work with high school students on two occasions, and his
interactions with the students are high-energy, engaging, and illustrative (great stories).
But what stands out in my mind is not his energy, his rhetoric or his presentation style; it
was actually experiencing the results of his work with students. I was standing in the back
of a classroom where Donald Wayne was addressing about a dozen students. After
Donald Wayne acknowledged my presence, all of the students stood up and came to me
to properly shake my hand, address me by name, had great eye contact and welcome
me to the classroom. I was stunned. And then Donald Wayne asked me his trademark
question but a really difficult one, “Who gave you your best ‘hello’?” I pointed out one of
the students, but, truthfully, it was hard to choose just one because they all were well
above the norm in a typical first-meeting with students of that age. As they say, seeing is
believing. And I do believe in what Donald Wayne can do, not just with students but with
any group.

Julie Messing  Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Initiatives at Kent State  

Wow! Donald Wayne shares a critical message in a very memorable way. He has
inspired over 150 of our students and truly motivated them (and everyone else in the
room) to build sincere relationships and effectively communicate who they are. Donald
Wayne is a pleasure to work with and we plan to invite him back for each of our
programs. Thank you Donald Wayne. You make a true difference!   

JD Ingalls      Student at Lake Erie College

Donald Wayne provides insight and ideas that are truly original and helpful. As a
graduating college student, he has helped me make an impact not only in the business
world, but in any endeavor.

Cliff Somerville  Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation
and Leadership Development at Lake Erie College

Donald Wayne is a very affective presenter, gets his message across in a very positive
way. The 60 plus students he has spoken to several times have raved about his
presentation and message and ask always to bring him back again, over and over. I
would recommend Donald Wayne to present to any group of individuals. He brings much
to the table.

Thomas Thornton   Vice President Sales at Impact Fulfillment Services

I've found Mr. Donald Wayne McLeod to be the most captivating, thought provoking, and
caring speaker who offers his audience fresh ideas to challenge and enhance their
individual communication skills and personal effectiveness.

That sincerity and genuine interest in helping others to communicate more effectively
has enabled him to develop a successful venture that is of tremendous value to any
organization. He can effectively tailor a message for any audience and his real life
examples and his means for engaging his listeners are very memorable which enables
tremendous learning.

In a talk he'd given at Progressive Field to an audience comprised of mostly Sales and
Marketing Executives of Cleveland it was truly impressive to witness how Donald Wayne
could engage a room that was comprised of both seasoned and less experienced sales
and marketing professionals. He connected with everyone in that audience immediately
and everyone was engaged by his presence and the quality of the message that at the
time was focused on enhancing one's active listening skills. He finds ways to help others
by challenging them to really listen and to communicate in a manner that demonstrates a
real and sincere interest in others. Donald Wayne's suggestions and illustrations about
non verbal and verbal communication skills, gestures. posture, and how you remember
names for example are all effective communication tools that many people would do well
to pay attention to in order to be successful in the future.

If companies and employees strive to differentiate themselves positively they would do
well to work with such a pro like Donald Wayne McLeod. He is the consummate
professional communicator that really cares about his clients and what's also very
impressive is that his message has traction at all different levels in an organization (from
C-Level contacts to entry level employees).

Brian Vadakin    Editorial Assistant at Ohio University Office of Nationally
Competitive Awards

Mr. Donald Wayne McLeod is not only an astonishingly energetic motivational speaker
who is able to hold captive the attentions of a group of 50+ high school students, but he
is also an extremely friendly and genuinely helpful person. I first met him at a high school
leadership conference at Mentor High School in Northeast Ohio. I then attended two of
his networking sessions at Auburn Career Center over the summer. He has an excellent
understanding of professional behavior and is obviously passionate for helping others
perform better in professional situations. Anyone who truly listens and follows Mr.
McLeod's suggestions will find VERY SOON that they are applicable in many different
kinds of situations and can definitely help to improve the way you present yourself to
others. He has also gone above and beyond the original context in which I met him to
help me become more professional, and I know that the things he teaches will be useful
in the future, because they have already helped so much.  

Jim Shelley    Manager, Men's Resource Center, Lakeland Community

I've brought Donald Wayne in to present on a number of motivational topics at
Lakeland Community College of interest to job seekers and other groups who are
looking to connect to other people. Donald Wayne's presentations are not only well
informed, but his powerful speaking skills and interaction with his audience are
superlatively effective. I'm particularly impressed with his ability to tailor his
presentations to the needs of a specific audience. I highly recommend him as a
motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and educator.

Greg Warren  Management Analyst Supervisor with OhioMeansJobs

More than a year after hearing Donald Wayne McLeod speak, I still find myself regularly
falling back to the principles of communication that I learned from him. Donald Wayne's
presentation to my professional group was energetic, refreshing, and inspirational.

Susan Swartzwelder   Specializes in Small Business Startups | Business &
Strategic Planning | Project Management | Technical Writing

I’ve attended several presentations and workshops offered by Donald Wayne McLeod in
the past 2 years. Donald Wayne has the most unique and thought-provoking message
I’ve ever come across. His approach is straight to the point and on target. Thank you,
Donald Wayne McLeod! You are changing lives every day. Meeting you and attending
your workshop were game-changers for me. Don’t ever stop delivering your message!

Judd Schiffler   Community Member at Lake County Citizen Circle

Donald Wayne is a Master Communicator whose class I attended for my personal and
professional growth and development. Donald Wayne is definitely an "out of the box"
thinker who can start up a conversation at any time with anyone and make folks feel he's
known them for years. I would recommend his fun, energizing class to anyone interested
in stretching themselves to become a better communicator. April 26, 2012, Judd was with
another company when working with Donald Wayne.

Cynthia Girdler    President at Madison-Perry Area Chamber of Commerce

Donald Wayne is a highly motivational speaker. Our chamber members found relevance
in his topic and were glad they took the time to attend our luncheon meeting.

Tricia Arnold        Sales Consultant at Aladdin Rents

Aladdin Rents had Donald Wayne share his ideas with us at our annual safety meeting.
He is a wonderfully dynamic presenter. You cannot turn away from him. He captivates
any audience with his presence. Donald Wayne changes the way people think about
things. He is very inspiring. We were pleased with everything he offered to our company.
I recommend that you at least see him speak once, but I know that if you do you will
definitely want more!  


Donald Wayne McLeod