Your graduates are a direct reflection of your school, are they prepared for the
real world? Have they learned the all-important interpersonal communication
skills that will help them build your school’s reputation, prepare them for life at the
college of their choice, land them a job, build their network or help them start their
own business?

Do they understand that how they are perceived is going to be
their reality? Are they presenting themselves as young adults or kids? Are you
producing students who are perceived as educated, professional, friendly,
energetic, sincere or self-centered, unapproachable, rude and immature?
Are you creating young adults that are able to meet and interact with adults on
an adult level? You need to.

In order for any of this to happen you need to start addressing the need for
communication skills at an early age. All too often I find interpersonal
communication skills lacking in today’s high school students. Rarely do they
meet and greet adults in a mature manner. Rarely do I find them to be
self-confident, outgoing and professional. The mere act of meeting and
greeting someone seems foreign to them and rarely do they inspire us to
help them. But imagine if they did.

Your students not only need but hunger for such skills and PERCEPTIONOLOGY
provides them in an entertaining and informative manner. Your students
immediately start putting their new found knowledge into action. They begin to
realize that in order to reach their true potential they will need the help of others
which means they will need to start building their relationships. They begin
presenting themselves with a sense of purpose. They start to meet adults with
firm handshakes, smiles and energy all the while remembering their name. They
start to employ all those skills their parents and you have been teaching them
since childhood such as saying please and thank you. Imagine if they simply
started acting like young adults, an act that would not go unnoticed by the
surrounding community, think that might help pass the next crucial school levy?

PERCEPTIONOLOGY will impact your school in a number of positive ways.
Your students will start building better relationships with their fellow classmates
which in turn builds class camaraderie which combats Bullying. They will come
to understand that if they want an encouraging and friendly environment in which
to learn that it begins with them. They will discover that a simple “Hello” not only
matters but can positively impact everyone around them. Perhaps most
importantly none of your students will be able to say, “No one has said Hello to
me today,”which I have heard countless times from students who had spent the
day surrounded by hundreds of their peers.

The students representing your school at competitions will be impressive.
They will address the judges, speak with a presence, bring energy, and separate
themselves and your school from the crowd. They will face their fears, collect
themselves, and present themselves and your school with a purpose. Your sports
teams will be remembered not for wins and losses but for the character they
showed after each.

Your students will start to participate in more school activities, interact with adults
on a mature level and present themselves to your surrounding community in a
positive manner all of which reflects directly back on your school.
Donald Wayne McLeod