It is tremendously difficult  to create, develop, finance and start your business all
on your own. I've known a lot of people with good business ideas who tried but
were unable to get their own businesses off the ground. One of the major reasons
for their failure was the fact they never realized the importance of inspiring others to
help them.

So how do you inspire others to help you? To start with you better be extremely
confident about yourself and the company you are trying to create.

I present PERCEPTIONOLOGY principles at meetings for entrepreneurs and one
of the principles that I stress is the fact you cannot be invisible. Case in point,
at one meeting I was going to be presenting at, the facilitator of the event said
let's go around the room and introduce ourselves. The tables were set up
in a large U- shape with the 35 participants sitting on the outside of the tables.
I wondered if the first person would stand to introduce himself, he did not.
I thought there might be a 50-50 chance the second person might stand to
introduce herself, she did not.

It is amazing how we are influenced by others. The dye had been cast and the
rest of the players fell like dominoes. No one stood to introduce themselves;
no one looked around the room while speaking, no one brought energy and
certainly no one was inspiring anyone to remember them let alone help them.

We were halfway through the room before it was my turn. I stood up, introduced
myself, looked around the room using eye contact, said the name of my company,
explained what we do and told them I was looking forward to presenting an hour
lecture to them that afternoon. With that I sat down. Sitting right next to me was
another businessman who was also going to be putting on an hour presentation
that afternoon but he didn't stand to introduce himself. So it went around the
the room with no one standing to introduce themselves.

I started off my lecture by saying, "You are all here to learn how to start a business,
but you are all scared to death to stand up and say who you are and what you do.
Do you realize that you have 34 potential clients right here in this room? If Donald
Trump were here do you think he would've stood to introduce himself to you? Of
course he would, in fact he would have let you know what a pleasure it was meeting
you, that's why he's Donald Trump.”

As a true entrepreneur you cannot hide. You need to put yourself out there with risk
of failure on a daily basis. If you don’t you have failed already. If you aren't confident
and excited about your business, how can you expect anyone else to be excited
about it ! There is an old adage that states five frogs are sitting on a log, three of
them decide to jump off, how many are left? How would you answer that question?

The correct answer to the question is five frogs are left sitting on the log because
there's a big difference between deciding to do something and doing it. If you truly
want to be an entrepreneur you need to have people remember who you are. You
need them to remember your company, your name and your character. You also
need to realize that you are never meeting just one person but everyone that person
knows:  their neighbors, friends, family and coworkers. Are the people you meet
passing on your name or simply passing… on your name? There is a little
difference in how it’s said but a world of difference to how it impacts your success.

Being perceived as sincere, energetic and engaging are quintessential
characteristics necessary for forming the interpersonal connections that will land
you a job, build your business and grow your professional network. Unfortunately,
many people don’t realize they are being perceived 24/7/365 and that their actions
are speaking much louder than their words. You need to hear the truth as to how
others perceive you, your company and your motivation. Now you can.
Creator and Developer of
Donald Wayne McLeod