Donald Wayne McLeod created PERCEPTIONOLOGY  to enable you to hear the truth. Discussing everything from
being the “Best Hello” to the “Best Goodbye” and everything in between, you will come to understand the subtle
yet critical nuances that influence others’ perceptions of us. Through Donald Wayne’s sessions you will learn how
to make a great first impression, endear yourself to others all while inspiring others to help you achieve your
ultimate goals in life.

PERCEPTIONOLOGY effectively blends Communication Skills, 21st Century Skills, Interpersonal Communication
Skills, Listening, Writing, Speaking and Presentation Skills into informative and entertaining sessions that will not
only engage but empower participants to actively start building new relationships while strengthening those they
already have. Participants begin to realize the importance of being perceived as sincere, interested, energized
and professional. For many it is the first time they will hear honest feedback as to how they are perceived and all
will come to realize that: HOW YOU ARE PERCEIVED IS YOUR REALITY™.

PERCEPTIONOLOGY delves into the concept that you are never meeting just one person but in fact you are
meeting everyone they know - their neighbors, family, coworkers and friends and that you are constantly being
perceived. Are you being perceived as energetic, professional, friendly, confident and truly interested? Are the
people you meet passing on your name or are they simply passing… on your name? Slight difference in how you
say it but it makes a world of difference to your possibilities.

PERCEPTIONOLGY develops presentation skills. From your first hello to your last goodbye you will come to realize
that every time you open your mouth you are giving a speech, act like it. Learn the importance of presenting
yourself as a professional 24/7/365. Understand that first impressions hold a lot of weight and that you have a
great deal of influence as to how others perceive you. Participants will not only learn valuable speaking skills, for
the first time they will hear honest feedback as to how they are presenting themselves. Everyone needs practice
presenting themselves and PERCEPTIONOLOGY affords you the opportunity to walk away with new found
knowledge as to how you are actually being perceived and enlightens you to which communication skills you need
to improve on.

PERCEPTIONOLOGY improves listening skills. The nicest thing we can do for anyone is to listen to them. Listening
truly is an act of Love and once you realize this fact your listening skills will skyrocket. Listening skills play a huge
role in our individual success. Learn how it is the listener who controls a conversation and how listening skills will
set you, your student, your school, your company or organization apart from the crowd.

Since no two groups are the same Donald Wayne McLeod custom tailors every PERCEPTIONOLOGY session on the
need of your participants, including putting together a multiple session program which results in a more lasting
impact. Sessions can be tailored to any size group or function. Please visit
for a summary of topics Donald Wayne presents. From one-on-one sessions to the “cliff note” 90
minute summary version to the wide range of multiple group sessions there is plenty of quality, thought provoking
material for the audience to absorb regarding their ability to truly communicate, engage, encourage and actually
connect with others. Participants will be amazed to learn how their simplest gestures, ones they themselves don’t
even realize their doing, are costing them dearly in business, friendships and financial gain.

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