Studies show that over 45% of all students who enroll in a four year college fail to ever
graduate from that college. Furthermore, over 50% of all drop-outs do so before the
beginning of their second year. You understand that many of the freshmen coming into
your college are ill prepared for the experience. For most of them it is their first time
away from home where they find themselves in an entirely new environment that, quite
frankly, can be intimidating. Their interpersonal communication skills are often lacking
so their ability to meet, greet and make friends is diminished. They can feel shy,
introverted, overwhelmed and home sick. In fact, the entire experience can be so
overwhelming that they just give up and move back home with a sense of failure which
negatively impacts their continued education, their futures and your bottom line.

Every college and university across the country faces this same lose-lose scenario.
The loss of retention costs tens of thousands of kids a college education while costing
their institutions millions of dollars in revenue.  In order to retain more students your
college needs to teach them the vital interpersonal communication skills that will enable
them to not only survive but flourish on your campus.

How do your students comprehend that in order to achieve their ultimate goals in life
they will need the help of others? How do you get your students to reach out and
obtain the necessary help you have provided for them on campus? How do you get
new students to realize their own ability to encourage everyone around them?
What skills can you give them that will enable them to step out of the box and make
new friends so as to build their relationships and help them feel at home from day
one? How do you get your students to perceive themselves as wondrous works in
progress? How do you get them to realize their own importance to the overall fabric
of your institution?  

It is called PERCEPTIONOLOGY and it should be a prerequisite for every freshman
class as it will encourage them to step out of their comfort zone. It will give them the
necessary tools to make friends and influence people. It will build their self-confidence
and have them perceiving themselves to be more than they ever thought possible.

They need to understand that how their world is reacting to them is a direct reflection
of how they are reacting to their world. If no one is greeting them with energy, guess
what? If no one is encouraging them, guess what?  If they want people to be
acknowledging them with energy they need to first acknowledge others. If they want
to be encouraged they need to first encourage others. PERCEPTIONOLOGY will
impress on them the importance of staying in school and building their networks. It
will divulge the fact that a little gratitude on their part would go a long way with those
already helping them. Ultimately, it is a win-win scenario: your students enjoying their
college experience while earning a valuable degree that will benefit them throughout
their lives while you retain your clients.  


The best way for an organization to stay in business is to produce a superior product.
Have your graduates been schooled in the art of presenting themselves? Do they
realize they are representing your institute and everything it stands for on a daily
basis? Have they been given the skills that will enable them to inspire others to want
to help them succeed? Have they been taught the proper etiquette required to build
relationships that will help them land professions in the field of their choosing?

One of the toughest jobs at any college is the Director of Career Placement. You
promise the world and then your client comes walking in late, underdressed, chewing
gum with low energy, no eye contact unprepared for the interview with your name all
over them. Wouldn’t it be great if your clients could sell themselves to the business
community? Wouldn’t it be great if your students represented your college in an
energetic and professional manner that would build a positive reputation that would
inspire businesses to call you for all future job openings?

Your graduates are not only your product they can be your best advertising or your
worst nightmare. As a direct reflection of your academy your graduates are carrying
your name to the far reaches of the globe. What are they saying about your
institution? Are they presenting themselves and your institution in a professional
manner? Are they setting you both apart from the crowd? They need to.

How your graduates are perceived is how your institution is perceived. You want
your graduates paving the way for your future alumni, not setting up roadblocks. Your
students need to realize that before they can sell their product, services, concepts
or ideas they must first sell themselves. Their success is your success and
PERCEPTIONOLOGY  can help you achieve that success by helping your graduates
sell themselves.

PERCEPTIONOLOGY entails a specific protocol on how to interview: from confirming
your appointment, to sending a hand written thank you card, from what questions to
ask, to how to follow up the interview and everything in between. Your future graduates
need to understand that they are interviewing 24/7/365 and that they have no idea who
they will meet today that will change their lives forever. Are they ready?


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entreprenuers will benefit from the program.
Donald Wayne McLeod