Your employees / members need to understand their importance to the growth
and wellness of your business / organization, that they are being perceived 24/7
and how they are perceived is a direct reflection on your business or organization.
Are they friendly, courteous, truly interested and professional? They need to be.
Are they bringing in business or driving it away? PERCEPTIONOLGY has been
designed and developed to effectively turn your employees or members into your
Ambassadors by revealing how the principles imparted will also benefit them
personally, professionally and financially.

Most companies / organizations strive to give customer service failing to realize,
all too often, that their “customer service” is simply being perceived as
“lip service.”  Saying “hello” or “thank you” without energy, eye contact and
sincerity is meaningless yet we see it every day in business. You don’t want
your clients to feel like a number you need them to feel special. It’s not what we
say, it is how we say it that triggers our client's perception of us. Know that your
employees' / members' actions are speaking much louder than their words.
Is their body language, energy level, eye contact, tone and sincerity conveying
your message, conflicting with your message, or sending out the wrong message

I arrive early when speaking to an organization to allow participants the
opportunity to greet me knowing full well that very few people will actually
step out of their comfort zone and make the effort. When I begin speaking
I will often ask the group, “How friendly is your company?” They usually
respond with a rousing, “Very friendly.” I then ask everyone who came up
to meet me to please stand. I can guarantee you that for the first time many
of your employees will realize the difference between thinking they are  friendly
and being perceived as friendly and remember perception is everything. How
your clients perceive your employees is your reality. If they don’t perceive them
as friendly, attentive or professional they are not, period!

The following interaction actually took place during an evening class I was
teaching that involved 12 adults. I asked one man in the group to tell us
something about himself. He stated, “I am a very romantic person.” His wife,
who happened to be sitting right next to him stated matter-of-factly, “No you’re
not!” Unaltered by her response he looked directly at me and confidently stated
again, “No really I am a very romantic person.” His wife then looked directly at
me and emphatically said, “No, he’s not!”

Because his wife replied so adamantly I asked him, “What is your wife’s middle
name?” He looked at me like a deer in the headlights unable to reply. I then very
slowly asked him, “When… is… her… birthday?” Again he was unable to answer
the question. However, in his mind he still considered himself a very romantic
person but which is he?

In this situation, I addressed the husband directly stating “the only person who can
truly say you are a romantic person is sitting right next to you… are you listening?
It didn’t matter what he thought about himself in this area of his life; it only
mattered how he was
perceived by his wife. The same holds true for your
company /organization. It does not matter how your employees /members see
themselves it only matters how they are perceived by your clients and
potential members.

Connecting with your clients on a personal level is not only a must it is a skill that
needs to be taught and PERCEPTIONOLOGY, LLC can help. Through our
entertaining and interactive lectures your employees / members will learn valuable
techniques that will help them appreciate their potential to help grow and promote
your business  / organization on a daily basis. From being the best hello to the
best goodbye and everything in between we will turn your employees / members
into Ambassadors.
Donald Wayne McLeod