Donald Wayne McLeod has been teaching
21st Century
                                     Theme Skills for the past 6 years. He has an inherent ability
                                      to connect with others on a personal level and can teach you
                                      to do  the same. Being perceived as sincere, energetic and
                                      engaging are essential characteristics necessary for forming
                                      interpersonal connections that will land you a job, build
                                      your business and grow your professional network.
                                      Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they are being
                                      perceived 24/7/365 and that their actions are speaking much
                                      louder than their words. You need to hear the truth as to how
                                      others perceive you, your company and your motivation- now
                                      you can.

Donald Wayne created PERCEPTIONOLOGY  to enable you to hear the truth. Discussing
everything from being the “Best Hello” to the “Best Goodbye” and everything in between, you
will come to understand the subtle yet critical nuances that influence others’ perceptions of us.
Through Donald Wayne’s sessions you will learn how to make a great first impression, endear
yourself to others all while inspiring others to help you achieve your ultimate goals in life.

In addition to his individual and corporate clients, Donald Wayne has served as a facilitator
for such nonprofit organizations as SCORE, Sales and Marketing Executives of Cleveland,
Counsel of Small Enterprises, Future Emerging Leaders of Lake County, Toastmasters and
Lake Works to name a few.   

Donald Wayne McLeod has helped over 2,000 displaced Ohio workers. He presents lectures
at Colleges, Universities as well as High Schools. He is a member of the Business Advisory
Committee for Auburn Career Center and Chancellor University, where he earned his
Marketing degree graduating Summa Cum Laude.

Donald Wayne has been featured in Inside-Business Magazine,The News-Herald,
WEWS Channel 5, WTOE and WELW Radio and The Cleveland Plain Dealer.
To learn more about PERCEPTIONOLOGY please visit
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P.O. Box 451
Chardon, Ohio 44024
Cell: 216.210.5420